3 Fun And Productive Activities For Your Teenager This Summer

It is summer time and your teen has been waiting for this holiday season! For most girls, hanging out with their friends and having sleepovers is what they really cannot wait for. While the boys are all about “doing their thing”, which in most cases is never a good thing. You need your teen to always follow the right path, even if you are not around and below are some ideas that will do that and more, as he enjoys this summer time.

· Sports

If your teenager is a couch potato, things are about to change! Their bodies are most active at this age and so are their minds. If you as a parent do not get involved in your kids growth, you might miss on a lot, which is the current problem parents are having. Your teen will only end up being a social misfit and this could greatly affect him in future. A sport is not only about being physically fit, but it also teaches them on discipline, perseverance, respecting one another and teamwork.

· Charity events

If there is a good way to teach your teen about thanksgiving and being appreciative, it is through charity events. Charity work is not for old people, in fact, most of them are for needy kids and teens. The good thing with such events is that they are very involving, with various activities and competitions which a teen should have no reason not to participate in. What better time to grow their confidence and also learn to communicate with new people? At the end of the day someone else will gain and your teen will learn so much as well; something he could never learn at home watching video games.

· Teen retreats

This could go in either one of two ways; your teen may actually learn something valuable or it might be a learning experience in the wrong way. The bad thing about it is that you are not going to be there as a parent (unless you feel the urge to follow them and snoop around), but the good thing is they are supervised. There are different kinds of retreats; religious, high school retreats, holidays like summer retreats etc. Your teen has a variety to choose from and he/she can team up with friends to make it an even better and worthwhile experience. You never know; your teen who is a loner, might actually make a friend or even better, two.